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East China Gets Automatic Matcha Machines

Key Takeaways:

  • Fast preparation: 2 minutes for a cup
  • Capsuled tea powder for consistency and ease
  • Automatic milk integration for matcha lattes
  • Supports cultural heritage and innovation

We are witnessing a revolution in the world of matcha preparation with the advent of an innovative automatic matcha machine. This advanced device has been unveiled in Hangzhou, a city renowned for its deep cultural ties to tea.

Traditional matcha preparation requires a practiced hand and typically spans 5 to 7 minutes, but this machine simplifies the process, crafting a polished cup of matcha in a mere 2 minutes.

The machine can utilize capsuled tea powder, creating a tea mixture characterized by its delicate foam and rich, creamy texture.

It even can incorporate milk automatically, allowing for the seamless creation of a matcha latte.

Developed by Hangzhou Jingshan Tea Development Co., Ltd, this machine represents a melding of time-honored tradition and contemporary convenience.

Our cherished Jingshan tea ceremony, a ritual with more than a thousand years of history, is recognized globally as a cultural artifact and is the precursor to Japanese Sado.

This modern matcha machine intends to harness our collective desire to preserve and popularize tea culture with today’s youth, fostering hope that matcha will rise in prominence akin to coffee in the East.

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