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Shake Shack Launches Limited Matcha Cookies And Cream Shake

The Matcha Cookies & Cream Shake features:

  • High-Quality Matcha: Utilizing ceremonial-grade matcha from the renowned Kitagawa Hanbee in Kyoto, which is acknowledged for its exceptional leaves.
  • Signature Vanilla Base: The creamy and rich vanilla frozen custard serves as the perfect canvas for the matcha blend.
  • Cookies & Cream Reimagined: A fresh take on a classic, the shake includes buttery golden cookies providing a crunchy counterpart to the creamy texture.
  • Exclusive Availability: Priced at $52 HKD, available across all Shake Shack outlets in Hong Kong.
  • Limited Run: Starting March 5, grab this shake while it lasts.

We’re thrilled to reveal Shake Shack’s latest addition for matcha enthusiasts. This new, limited-edition shake combines the indulgent flavors of cookies and cream with the exquisite essence of matcha green tea.

This innovative concoction, named the Matcha Cookies & Cream Shake, builds on Shake Shack’s reputation for creating distinctive frozen custard flavors by infusing high-quality matcha powder into their celebrated vanilla base.

According to Shake Shack:

Guests visiting Shake Shack can experience this luxurious and finely crafted drink, which promises a delightful and unique balance of flavors. Our Matcha Cookies & Cream Shake is an exciting addition for anyone looking to enjoy a sophisticated, made-to-order beverage alongside their favorite burger.

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